Going High Tech to Address the Problems of Struggling Families

Going High Tech to Address the Problems of Struggling Families

Digital Platform Called Prosperi-Key Provides Access to Services 24/7 

While addressing the needs of paycheck-to-paycheck households, United Way of Western Connecticut realized that most struggling people don't have time to track down the services and supports that could make their lives easier. They need access 24/7, outside of working hours. 

That's why we decided to develop Prosperi-Key, a digital platform that is the culmination of more than five years of dedication to finding innovative solutions to help the hardworking, struggling people we call ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). 

These lower income households account for more than 40% of households in Western Connecticut. They can't pay all their bills, but they may not be eligible for state and federal safety net programs. Many are essential workers who helped to get us through the pandemic--warehouse workers, grocery store clerks, home health aides, and child care workers. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic brought the struggles of essential workers to the forefront," said Kim Morgan, CEO of United Way of Western Connecticut. "As a nation, we realized that the folks we depend on and who often risk their own health by going to work are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table. This platform is for them." 

When you give to United Way of Western Connecticut, you help us develop innovative solutions, like Prosperi-Key, to help people who work hard and need a hand up. 


  • Is the first and only platform to income-qualify paycheck-to-paycheck households in a fast, confidential, and friendly way. 
  • Connects paycheck-to-paycheck households with services and supports from local nonprofits and businesses. 
  • Offers a unique way for businesses to let their communities know they care, while expanding their customer base. 
  • Helps nonprofits connect with clients around the clock. 

To learn more, go to prosperikey.org

Video Link: Prosperi-Key - We see you Western CT