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Enter the New Era of Corporate Philanthropy

With a new generation of workers comes a new generation of Corporate Philanthropy.

Perhaps now more than ever, people want to know that their workplaces are making a difference in their communities and the world. And they want to be on the front lines when they can, volunteering in ways that improve the lives of others, while making them feel good about themselves--and feel good about where they work.

But how do you manage it all? Coordinating payroll deductions, communicating volunteer opportunities, tracking volunteer hours, measuring impact.

Introducing Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud—the giving and volunteering platform that combines Salesforce’s technology and artificial intelligence with United Way’s expertise in corporate philanthropy. It allows you to manage all your employee philanthropic activities on one platform and confidently report on your impact—at any time, from any device.

Easy for You and Your Employees to Use. Philanthropy Cloud is an easy-to-use app that manages your employees’ giving and connects them with volunteer opportunities. Using Salesforce’s artificial intelligence it provides each employee with giving and volunteering opportunities that most closely match their interests, location, and giving history. It’s a cutting-edge, interactive platform that’s customizable to your needs.

Data at Your Fingertips. Detailed data reporting helps you understand your employees’ engagement, helping you create great experiences for your staff, and allows you to articulate and measure your overall impact in the community. 

Build a Movement. It’s a platform that lets you quickly deploy emergency relief, mobilize volunteers, and share real-time updates, so you can address community needs as they occur, and rally employees around important causes.

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